Public Administration's dataBase for Accessing academic puBlications in European Languages


PA@BABEL - dataBase for Accessing academic puBlications in European Languages on Public Administration

This database collects information about articles in European non-English journals. Article titles and summaries/abstracts (in original) of articles published in academically recognised European journals, are translated into English and French.
By using this database researchers can search for content in several fields: the article’s title, the name of the author, journal title, journal country, language of the article, the abstract and the theme of the article.
Each journal is responsible for providing the information that is inserted in the database.
When a researcher has found a relevant article, (s)he can read the abstract, contact the author or the journal editor or the journal website.


There are two crucial facts within the European Union which shape the context and the need of this project, the Green Paper on the European Research Area, and the cultural and scientific diversity of languages used in the EU.

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The objectives of this project are multiple:

  • Making scientific knowledge available beyond the language boarders
  • Creating a platform of editors
  • Recognizing publication quality beyond English
  • Creating a virtual research community in Europe beyond languages

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 Searching the database


 State of affairs (april 2008)
 Protocol for the transfer of information to the database

At the annual EGPA conference in Madrid, there was a launch meeting of several editors of journals on public administration and management. The goal was twofold. On the one hand this meeting was a forum for exchanging information about the organisation of public administration journals.
The meeting clearly showed that there is a large enthusiasm about the database project. Twenty editors of journals all around Europe attended the meeting. More than 22 journals are already included in the network.

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The content of the database is provided by the journals that are included in the network. The participating journals should submit the data to Anita Van Gils, who is responsible for the technical side of the project.

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